kelly mccormack

has been helping clients 


for more than 30 years.

kelly is an expert in

human development technology

specializing in 

high performance.

“kelly is genuine in her interest to

support the participants

in these programs.

it is obvious from both the


of the content of the programs and

her willingness to take time,

listen, and offer 


during our live sessions.

kelly is truly an authentic person.”

stan wertelka

century 21 realtor for 30 years

kelly has worked


as both a trainer

and a coach,

including representing tony robbins

and other recognized leaders.

the creating a leader book series

offers practical solutions

to increase

the power leaders have to create.


this is written like an

owner's manual

to accomplish goals more productively

while fulfilling one's potential.


these books are integrated within

the inner EVEREST expedition.

if you are reading book 2

this is your troubleshooting section

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