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Creating a Leader supports you through these progressive programs designed to:

1. learn the frameworks to MULTIPLY goal achievement in the state of FLOW

2. transform to become the VEHICLE to realize your future goals

3. master yourself as the DRIVER of your vehicle

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programONE provides you with the basics to understand
where your power to create meaningful results comes from

and shows you how you realize visions and goals more reliably in FLOW.

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programTWO is designed for you to build, within yourself, a solid VEHICLE that accomplishes your goals.

theVEHICLEmodel will help you use powerful, accessible tools through a dashboard and a toolbox. Accomplish one meaningful goal. Master these steps and you will be able to achieve all of your goals.

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After creating a powerful VEHICLE in VISIONtoLIFE, programTHREE provides YOU, theDRIVER of

your newly upgraded vehicle, the pathway to master fulfillment of your meaningful goals and accomplishments.

A small investment in this adventure over 40 days helps incorporate the vast skills and tools from theDRIVERmodel and the creating a leader book series. Measurable increases in achievement of visions and goals become second nature through your continuously-expanding comfort zone and ever-increasing power to create. 

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some prefer to start their PROCESS

more rapidly, an advantage of


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KELLY MCCORMACK has worked with leaders for more than 30 years.

Kelly is an expert in Human Development Technology, specializing in the Ultra-High Performance State of Flow.


And, she is a human-in-training. 

“Kelly is genuine in her interest to support the participants in these programs.

It is obvious from both the quality of the content of the programs and

her willingness to take time, listen, and offer insights during our live sessions.

Kelly is truly an authentic person.”


The Creating a Leader book series captures solutions found in Kelly's decades of intensive personal and professional research and experiences. She offers practical solutions to increase the power leaders have to create through an owner's manual to operate "the human" productively while attaining fulfillment.

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