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eximae: latin for climb


climb through the steps of a powerful process


accomplish your goals while

fulfilling your potential


"This is a

game changer!"

Noah King, Entrepreneur

what are the needs of you and your team?

Is it time to get your

motor running...

without blowing up

your ENGINE!



YOUR team's


clarify outcomes

rapidly move past obstacles

perform at highest possible levels

grow your potential for fulfillment

enjoy the process immensely!

the process square.png
accomplish YOUR goals fulfill YOUR poten

step ONE

learn more about this 

simple, powerful process

the video series, "Hey, Kelly! Do you have a minute?"

will give you a sense of how practical this work can be for your challenges

click below to watch videos responding to questions from other clients

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“These are great programs which employ very logical theory and are

practical enough to incorporate into a new, improved life.

Chinese international business owner, Tony Zhou

step TWO

take this small step to get started

for $25, bring one question or challenge

to the introductory, one-on-one 45-minute live video coaching session

to begin to resolve it and expand your abilities

or the abilities of those on YOUR team. 

Zoom is a web browser video application that is very easy to use

sign up AND pay below

we will send a link to schedule your appointment

step ONE


to let us know you intend to start this work

or would like to ask a question about starting

step TWO

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

“I love these programs for THREE reasons:

ONE  I made a lot of headway on one of my big goals just by attending this program

TWO  Because of Kelly's infectious energy and her passion for these programs, I became more passionate about my life and my visions

THREE  Most importantly for me, I improved my leadership skills and abilities to envision my future, implement that future, empower others, and grow during the process.

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