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"Kelly is a masterful trainer.

She has created a program that allows me to produce exponential results.

The tools she has assembled have helped me realize that I no longer have to feel stuck.

As soon as I recognize that I am stuck, the tools work instantly to resolve the obstacle.

I had no idea how easily I could shift from feeling stuck to feeling empowered."

"BEFORE I went through the inner EVEREST expedition,

I struggled for over 10 years to conquer my fear of public speaking.


This work helped me eliminate that fear during the 6 weeks of the program.

Even further, I became comfortable enough to speak successfully and enjoyably

in front of 200 people at a very important event for my business.

Before this program, I had all but given up on becoming a great speaker."

"OBSTACLES are no longer a brick wall.

They are just a pointer in the direction of successfully achieving my goal."

"It solves a lot of problems for me in many ways.

Not just how to accomplish a vision or a goal,

but it explains how I could be more confident

and showed me how to use my power to create what I want."

"EVEREST is truly a uniquelymagnificent program"

"The path has been made so clear.

The entire EXPEDITION was great FUN, mind expansive, and successful."

"Kelly set us up for success

by helping us to understand the route from several angles

and by consistently offering guidance to help bring us to our end result."

"I will be absorbing

the power and wisdom

of this program for many, many years to come."

“Acclimating myself to these processes has brought a level of

clarity, focus, and seriousness to each and every task.

I am VERY COMMITTED to continue this process to maintain

the momentum I have created.”

 “I am happy that I took this program.

I needed to see what my business outcome would require of me,

and that is much clearer after this EXPEDITION.”

“I feel like I am more in the driver’s seat

of my life and my business, now.”

“Not knowing all the components of the vehicle 

to attain my vision made it difficult, at best, to achieve my goals.

After learning what was missing, I am working,

more in FLOW, to put those pieces in place.”

“I will never again approach my work without using the FLOW session preparation process that I learned in EVEREST!”

“These are great programs which employ very logical theory and are practical enough to incorporate into a new, improved life.

“I love these programs for THREE reasons:


ONE  I made a lot of headway on one of my big goals just by attending this program

TWO  Because of Kelly's infectious energy and her passion for these programs,

I became more passionate about my life and my visions

THREE, and most importantly for me, I improved my leadership skills and abilities to envision my future, implement that future, empower others, and grow during the process

“I have become skilled at taking care of future versions of myself in a way that helps me to arrive at a very compelling future for me.

“I have increased my ability to empower others just by sharing the ways that my life has improved.

“There was such a high level of support in these programs that I always felt like I could take my next step

and apply it to my unique situation.

“If someone asked me if these programs were hard, I would say to them that by taking one simple, accessible step at a time, as it is set up in the programs, ANYONE who would remain persistent could ‘climb this mountain.’

“Within a few short hours of practicing what I learned about FLOW, my work productivity increased by about 30%!

“I had two big transitions during the inner EVEREST program. Without my new skills and knowledge from these programs, my transitions would have disrupted my life far more than they did. I can clearly see where I have grown during this training process and have many more tools to use for whatever my new life throws at me!

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