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When good enough is NOT good enough

I found myself stuck in a pattern that wasn't working for me, but I was not breaking out of it. I set the course by working through the FLOWmodel and now have a huge about of momentum to complete a big goal for my business that I have been putting off for years. It started with deciding what I wanted in my VISION. That showed me what I was missing, especially as I stepped through the steps of the FLOWmodel to see where my vehicle wasn't going to get me to my desired next level. Get started. This path will take you there.


30% increase in hours of practice

I practiced FLOW in the solo week. After a few hours, I estimated that my productivity was about 30% higher. That was not bad for a few hours of practice.


I didn't know that my expectations weren't shared

I realized when I was looking at the Healthy Relationship Model that I was expecting something of someone who was frustrating me. I didn't realize until then that this expectation was not shared by the other person, but he didn't even know I had that expectation! With a conversation, we both agreed on what we thought should happen and both of us are happier that we know what each of us expects of the other.



I lived in a world where I would hope something would just magically happen. I was making up for the lack of a process to make it happen on my own. Now that I know how to fulfill my VISION and grow in the process, I don't feel the need, and don't want to win lotteries anymore. I am far more fulfilled growing in the process of achieving my goals.