the innerEVERESTexpedition game



YOU have reached the peak of the innerEVERESTexpedition

the mountain is a metaphor that can be used anytime you want to

create your expanded VISION and GROW rapidly during the process

ascent to the peAk

how many feet or meters high is EVEREST?

hint: use the Nepal standard, which is less than 29,035 or 8,850

what one missing component of this process makes winning different forms of lotteries damaging to your future success?

when you combine


strengths, you can turn on...

what action of creating lends itself to accessing FLOWmode?


Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to summit EVEREST

what was Hillary's trade before that?

in what year did George Mallory and Andrew Irvine attempt to summit EVEREST - and possibly made it to become the first to do so?

the preparation item for a FLOWsession that makes it comfortable to start and maintain FLOW

the first item to prep for a FLOWsession

the preparation for a FLOWsession that lowers the activity in the front of the brain


what part of the COMFORTzone turns on poor programming?

what part of the COMFORTzone is a safety feature when overwhelm occurs?

what part of the COMFORTzone behaves like a hamster wheel?

what part of the COMFORTzone behaves like weeds in a garden?


how much oxygen is contained in the air in the DEATHzone of Mt. EVEREST versus oxygen contained in air at sea level?

how many have summited EVEREST -- to the nearest thousand? 

what three-letter exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute helps you program your VISION in your nervous system after your futureCam session?

what is the name of the version of yourself

you are creating in the future?

what is the process

when you care for your

future self?


what category of BRAIN WAVE makes it easier to program

your VISION during a futureCam or a VNR session?

khumbu icefall

what is the HIGHEST glacier on EARTH?

an assessment model can be used to determine if it is worthwhile to take on a challenge or it can be used to...?

what are the colorful flags from bottom to top of EVEREST called?

what model helps you to right-size your goal

to ensure you can get into FLOW more easily?

what was the name of the British surveyor's predecessor

when the British surveyed Mt. EVEREST in 1865?

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5/25 groupFLOW session

5 minutes to connect as a group / 25 minutes to complete the PEAKchallenge

use anything in this program to find answers about EVEREST or the contents of this program

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