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There isn’t any question that we can achieve our goals. We achieve goals every minute of every day.

The question is, how do we achieve the goals that are beyond our current capabilities or our comfort zone?

We all want to fulfill our potential to achieve meaningful goals in our lives. But, when we are missing the full categories of resources, like time and money, we seem to be stuck with less than what we would like to achieve. What if time was only one of at least 14 categories of resources available to you?

Think about the resources that are available to you in your life. Some of those are programmed within you and some of those are more like inventories available to you.

When you get stuck and can’t accomplish your goal because you don’t have a resource, like time, to make it happen, list the resources you do have. Select the ones that could help you overcome this obstacle or roadblock. When you understand this, you expand your comfort zone.

Now, GO make your life what YOU want it to be.

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